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Art In Motion

Mission and Objectives

Art In Motion Dance Academy, LLC strives to give each student the best dance education possible. Our dance program is designed to provide training in all the various dance art forms, to develop exceptional dance skills with an emphasis on terminology, and encourage individual artistic expression. Most importantly, we want to instill in our kids the self-esteem and confidence they will need to achieve their goals in the dance world and beyond.

ITTSME Technology Firm greatly appreciates the opportunity to capture the 2020 Dancers of Art In Motion. 

  • Call (504)383-3259 An ITTSME specialist will help you place your order for your professional prints. 

In this phase you should be  selecting of your 5 favorite or even better the pictures you actually plan on purchasing.  This will allow the pictures to be processed much faster. Click the link below to make your choices.

In this phase your pictures are ready for purchase. Click the link to go to the the completed gallery


City Park Shoot

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