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computer repair

& Support


Whether you are in need of a one time break-fix service, or a fully managed IT department, we are your solution'

 We can help ensure that your IT infrastructure is up to the demands of an ever growing and evolving business

Whether you rely on your computer to do your job or simply use it for fun, one thing's for sure.

A Slow, Broken, Or An Infected

computer can be an unyielding source of frustration. If your machine doesn't seem to be functioning as it should, you need an experienced professional to evaluate the problem at hand. That's where I.T. Technical Solutions Made Easy comes in. As a computer service company our goal is to get your computer back up and running as quickly as possible.

COmputer Repair/Support

You don't have to worry when something breaks. You can have an ITTSME specialist come out to your Home or Business to repair or replace your broken Hardware.

  • Broken Hardware

  • Software not working correctly

  • PC not booting

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Computer Monitoring

Do you handle Sensitive Information? The last thing you want is for one of you PC's to be infected leaking sensitive data and you don't even know about it until it's to late and your hit with a lawsuit! Let us monitor your network so that we can alert you if something goes wrong.

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Manged IT Services

Tired of having to worry about things like

  • What type of PC's do I need?

  • What software is best to accomplish my goals?

  • How do I maintain all these devices?

  • Why is my network always so slow?

Well you don't anymore! You can have a full time Technical Support Specialist to manage all of these problems so you don't have to!

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Wireless Network Management

It can be a headace tring to keep up with all of the different wireless technologies available. Why not forget about spending hours on researching stuff you don't need to be worried about and focus on what matters most your business! Let us evaluate, select, and manage the best WiFi Solution for you! Stop scratching you head with questions like

  • Why does my WiFi keep dropping!

  • Why is my internet running so slow!

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Proactive is Better than Reactive

Reactive Services will always cost more than Proactive Services because it's unpredictable. Managed serves help you to not only have normalized billing but has someone actually looking proactively to detect and fix problems before they become a problem for you.  

Your Current IT Guy Vs ITTSME Team

Most people claim to have an IT person but once they go through our complementary Business Assessment we almost always find a few shortcomings. We Pride ourselves on providing the best IT solutions so you can focus on whats important your business!

 In Home Computer

Support & Repair Services

  • Hardware Installation

  • Software Installation

  • Virus Removal

  • Data Protection

  • Data Destruction

  • Data Recovery

  • Operating System Reinstall

  • Laptop Screen Repair

  • Email Setup

Remote Support


Business Support

& Repair Services

  • Remote Internet Security Setup

  • Remote Virus/Spyware Removal

  • Remote Data Protection Setup

  • Remote Network Support

  • Remote WI-Fi Support

  • Remote System Updates

  • Remote Software/Suite Installation

  • Internet Security

  • Employee Monitoring

  • Virus/Spyware Protection

  • Data/Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Network Support

  • WI-Fi Support

  • System Updates

  • New System Roll-outs

  • Network Program/Suite Installation

  • Hardware Replacement

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