Is your data Secure?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

In today's world we deal with so much data on a day to day basis. Do you ever think about how to protect all this precious data? Some of us are technologically savvy and have certain protections in place. Some of us think about it from time to time but never try to act on it until it’s too late. Finally, there are the people that this never even crosses their minds until they experience a loss. It’s so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives and forget or just not think about making sure to protect your data. Precious Pictures, Important documents, Special program, can all be backed up with ease.

I promise you by the end of this in-depth article I will have provided you with some different ways to back up your data and given the pros and cons of each method! Peace of mind is just a few minutes away!

I’m always telling people not only to back up their data but make sure they know how to use that backup to restore their data. What good is a backup to you if you don’t know how to retrieve your data from it? I just had a friend I’ve been knowing for a few years. Every now and again I would tell them hay we need to get together and get that backup strategy going! I would always get a response like yea were going to get to it, or next month were just to busy to deal with that right now! Months started to pass. Months turned into years. Buy this point were about 5 years in and business had picked up they were doing more business then they have ever been. Suddenly one day I get a call “you have to help us our main drive crashed”! I spent days trying my best to help this friend out, but it was to no avail! I couldn’t recover their data. I even recommended another company that specializes in data recovery and even they were unsuccessful at recovering the data. Years of information gone in an instant! I felt so bad for them! All I could do for them now is put in place a system that would never allow this to happen to them again!

One, Two, Or Three Phase backup systems, which is best for you?

1. Phase 1 Internal Backup

This can be accomplished by setting up multiple Hard Drives that duplicate the data in your PC. This method would also be known as a RAID. In the case of a HDD failure you would not loose your data because you would have a secondary drive with all the information of your primary drive.

i. What is a Raid?

ii. How many versions of RAIDS are there?

iii. Which level of RAID is best for me?

iv. For this discussion we are going to talk about the simplest form of a RAID which is commonly referred to as Raid 1 or mirroring. For Mirroring to take place you need to have at least 2 HDD of the same capacity.

2. Phase 2 External Backup

There are Multiple External Backup methods and well list a few here.

i. External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or External Solid-State Drive (SDD)

ii. External Array of drives or Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drives